ZLINE Benefits From a Great Work Environment

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath brings attainable luxury to the spaces that matter most. From professionally styled ranges and hoods to elegant shower systems and bath fixtures, they bring unmatched quality to your home.

This Lake Tahoe-based brand prioritizes sustainability and focuses on providing products that do good for the planet. This includes reducing carbon emissions, recycling metals using electric forklifts, and supporting local communities.

Workplace Culture

A supportive workplace culture gives employees the confidence to do their jobs well. They can give their best effort when they know that the company has their backs. This is particularly important when an employee must take a leave of absence for any reason.

A healthy culture also provides guidelines in managing the workflow for employees. Team members who have clear expectations can keep one another updated on their progress, resulting in complete projects. For example, a customer service representative tasked with signing up new customers might be able to ask other employees to help when they’re busy.

When a company’s culture and benefits are intertwined, it can set itself apart from other employers in the same industry. For example, Beam Benefits hosts cultural rountables where leaders solicit feedback on how their benefits meet employee needs and goals. This allows leadership to make improvements where needed. In turn, this demonstrates to job seekers that the company is committed to its culture.


ZLINE’s philosophy of Attainable Luxury is to manufacture products that are high-end, yet affordable. Their mission is to create unique and exciting kitchen appliances that can enhance your home and increase its value. They also offer generous warranties to stand behind their products.

With a wide selection of options and features, ZLINE’s range hoods are designed to fit any lifestyle. From wood to copper finishes, they make it easy for customers to add luxury to their kitchens. Their innovative designs and a focus on local jobs are part of their commitment to the community.

From their headquarters in Reno to a new warehouse in Ohio and a Tennessee distribution center, ZLINE is growing fast and hiring dedicated employees. The company places a strong emphasis on work-life balance and provides fun employee incentives to promote a positive environment. They are a great place to start for those looking for an exciting career in the kitchen appliance industry.

Work Environment

ZLINE’s work environment is one that is very fun, with plenty of great incentives to keep employees happy. They have a lot of different work events to celebrate holidays, and they also have a large number of employee perks. Work-life balance is held in very high regard here, and employees are always encouraged to take time off when needed.

Employees at zline benefits enjoy competitive pay, with the ability to get a raise after six months. They also have the option to choose their own shifts, which makes it easy for them to manage their work-life balance. They also have a number of benefits, including health insurance, vacation days, and free lunches.

Employees have mixed opinions about the company’s PTO policy, with some saying it is generous and others feeling it is restrictive. They have some concerns about requesting time off and whether sick days reset after a certain amount of time. Some employees also have questions about flexible hours and being able to leave work for appointments during the day.