Spottune Benefits For Retail Environments

Unlike conventional speakers, spottune’s omnidirectional design emits content evenly in all directions. This ensures a uniform feel-good climate and increases customer dwell times.

The Stream plays music from USB, AUX and microphone inputs and is Cloud controlled. It can be used as a standalone system or easily integrated into existing 3-phase rail lighting systems via power track.

360-degree sound dispersion

With conventional loudspeakers, sound only reaches the areas around the speaker, creating a so-called ‘sweet spot’. With Spottune, omnidirectional loudspeakers distribute content evenly so that everyone can hear the jingles or music, and that even the furthest customers are reached. This means you can extend the advertising area and increase brand awareness.

Spottune is a wireless, omnidirectional broadcasting smart speaker audio system for the Point of Sale (PoS). It can be installed into existing lighting rail systems and is paired simply with the Stream transmitter.

Spottune uses 1.9GHz DECT technology to deliver stable and reliable high-quality audio performance, and can be easily configured via the app. You can change the music source, create a sound schedule and specify different zones in two locations at the same time. The speakers have a built in amplifier, audio filter and receiver. They can also be powered from a 3-phase power supply and connect to other devices such as a mixer, CD player or network radio.

Easy installation

Spottune is easy to install. The network audio streamer STREAM connects to the sound source and transmits the music wirelessly to up to 2 zones of speakers. The system offers a variety of inputs, including AUX, USB, and microphone inputs. The sound is synchronized and controlled via cloud software.

Thanks to its omnidirectional acoustic design, spottune spreads an even sound field across the store or exhibition area. This creates a feel-good atmosphere for customers, which increases sales and encourages them to stay longer.

For shops, trade fairs and other environments that feature existing contact rails for lighting systems, the wireless Spottune OMNI TRACK speaker can be installed in less than two minutes. It has a simple appearance, and can be mounted decoratively or in a cut-out. Using the Spottune cloud software, playlists and volume can be easily adjusted online to suit the environment. The synchronization of the individual Spottune speakers is also possible in just a few steps.

Adaptable to any environment

Danish company Spottune has designed a wireless smart speaker system for retail environments. They developed the Omni speakers with a 360-degree technology that solves several problems when it comes to distributing music and ads in stores.

Omni is a ceiling or pendant mounted speaker that is able to be installed in less than 30 seconds by using existing lighting track systems. The system is paired automatically during installation and connects to a cloud-based audio server. Store managers can then control the audio in multiple locations at once through a simple app.

The omnidirectional acoustic design spreads the sound evenly, so that customers and visitors hear the same jingles and music from all directions. The system also ensures that the music is always at the right volume.

High efficiency

With conventional loudspeakers, audio content is emitted in the so-called “sweet spot”. This means that content is only audible to those in the immediate vicinity of the speaker. With Spottune models, however, the sound is distributed evenly and reaches every person. Therefore, you need fewer speakers to achieve the same effect as traditional loudspeakers.

In shops and supermarkets with existing contact rails for lighting systems, Spottune OMNI TRACK can be installed in less than 30 seconds. They are plugged directly into the lighting tracks and can be positioned anywhere.

The central transmitter of the Spottune system, STREAM, plays music from the AUX, USB and microphone inputs as well as from the cloud via the corresponding Spottune Enterprise Cloud. The omnidirectional wireless technology guarantees high sound quality and stable radio transmission in the 1.9 GHz frequency range. Optimal performance is achieved when used in combination with the wireless smart subwoofer, Spot tune SUB. The closed box design with 10″ woofer offers acoustic augmentation of low frequencies.