Novakid Benefits

Novakid teaches English to children ages 4-12, using a curriculum and learning tools that are designed for kids. It uses gamification and native speaker teachers to provide students with a fun and engaging experience.

The company has raised $6.5 million to date from Owl Ventures, Goodwater Capital and other existing investors including PortfoLion and LearnStart. The company plans to use the funding to scale up its client base and launch in new markets.

Fun and Interactive Lessons

Novakid English online lessons are designed to capture children’s attention, fostering genuine enthusiasm for language learning. Its immersive and interactive curriculum consists of interesting themes and engaging activities, including cartoon TV channels & online games. It also combines the latest in teaching methodologies, such as cognitive science and gamification.

Novakid teachers are matched with students based on their level and learning objectives. Lessons are conducted using the platform’s communication tools, which include video call, messaging, and a shared whiteboard. The company also places a great emphasis on child safety and data privacy.

Each lesson consists of a contextual-setting warm-up video and interactive activity, followed by a live 1-on-1 English lesson with a qualified teacher using Novakid’s unique story-based Magic Academy curriculum, and ending with a gamified self-practice game. The platform’s gamification features encourage students to spend more time practicing outside of structured lessons, and they tend to have higher engagement rates than those enrolled in Novakid’s Classic curriculum.

Personalized Learning Experience

Novakid is a popular online English learning platform that provides students and teachers with a high-quality, personalized English language education experience. Founded in 2017 by Max Azarov, the company has raised over $41.5 million in funding and is currently one of Europe’s leading language learning startups.

The platform features a user-friendly interface and interactive teaching tools that help students engage in the learning process. The curriculum is engaging and fun, designed to create an environment where children can learn English intuitively. Students are matched with teachers based on their level and learning objectives, making the experience more effective and engaging.

Teachers are paid a competitive hourly rate and receive free teaching materials to support their lessons. They also have the opportunity to work with regular students, which can be a great benefit for those seeking flexible working hours. Incentives are also available for successful trials and referrals.

Robust Security

Novakid’s edtech platform immerses young learners in English at scale. They connect students to native-speaking tutors for personalized learning. The curriculum is interactive, fun, and engaging to build student confidence in English.

It is designed to replicate the conditions under which kids likely learned their first language: live lessons with a native-speaking teacher and a focus on listening, repeating words, and interacting through games. It also encourages users to make mistakes and build up their confidence.

The company closed a $35 million Series B financing round led by Owl Ventures and Goodwater Capital with participation from existing investors PortfoLion, LearnStart, TMT Investments, Xploration Capital, LETA Capital and BonAngels. The funding will help Novakid increase its user base in Europe and MENA and expand their product offerings.

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Global Reach

Novakid has a global reach and offers students and teachers an opportunity to experience English learning from the comfort of their home. They have over 36 countries from which they operate, with students spanning all over the globe. Despite this, the company is careful to respect the local culture of each region. They do this by hiring teachers who have diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds.

This helps students feel more comfortable during their lessons, which allows them to focus more on the content of the lesson. Additionally, the platform enables teachers to track student progress and give them regular feedback.

Novakid is a unique language learning program designed by experienced teachers and methodologists. It aims to revolutionize language learning for young children and ignite their love of languages. The program is based on the principle that learning a new language should be an enjoyable and immersive experience. This is why the program is developed using interactive and engaging teaching methods, including storytelling, games, and role-playing.