Mielle Benefits From P&G

Created by entrepreneur Monique Rodriguez in 2014, Mielle is a go-to for Black women’s textured hair. It recently announced that it’s joining P&G Beauty, a move that co-founder and CEO Rodriguez views as an opportunity to scale her nonprofit, Mielle Cares.

But while the news was exciting, it also sparked controversy. Its latest drama centers around one of the company’s top products: rosemary mint hair growth oil.

Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

This best-selling Mielle product is a go-to for those who want to encourage hair growth with natural ingredients and peptide technology. It’s also a favorite for women with protective styles, as it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment or left in during styling to help detangle and soften hair.

This nourishing oil is made with all-natural ingredients that help to boost growth, soothe irritated scalps, and combat dandruff. It also comes with a refreshing and invigorating lavender mint scent.

Rosemary oil promotes healthy follicles and helps to alleviate dryness and itching while peppermint and eucalyptus oil help with scalp itchiness. The oil also contains orange peel oil, which is packed with Vitamin C, which helps to protect against oxidative stress and strengthens the hair shaft. The combination of these oils makes this the ultimate scalp oil for those looking to grow their strands long and strong.

Nourishing Oil

As we age, our skin can lose vital lipids that help protect it from environmental stressors and dryness. Our Nourishing Oil provides a rich blend of organic plant-based oils to strengthen skin and restore its natural moisture factor, leaving it deeply nourished, hydrated and soft to the touch.

It features a safe for skin blend of 6 gentle absorbing seed oils, 2 anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense nut oils and 3 calming and soothing fruit oils. Including our signature organic prickly pear oil, this luxurious oil was designed to support deep hydration and nourish dry, sensitive skin.

Use daily to nourish and smooth your hair and skin. Apply after waxing and shaving to soften and heal. Mix with the THE CREAM for an ultra luxe facial oil to lock in moisture, or for a sensual experience, apply as a pre-sex lubricant before intimacy. It is also safe for body hair and can be used as a massage oil.

Anti-Dandruff Oil

Dandruff is a condition that causes tiny white flakes to fall on your scalp and shoulders. It can be caused by dry weather conditions, poor hygiene, hair dyes or harsh hair care products. This dandruff oil for the scalp is effective in eliminating dandruff and strengthening your strands.

This anti dandruff hair oil is formulated with natural herbs like tulsi, cedar wood and neem that are known for their antifungal properties. It also contains tea tree oil that is a natural antiseptic. This dandruff control oil reduces itching and inflammation of the scalp, balances Vata and Kapha doshas and controls excessive sebum production that might be causing dandruff.

This dandruff treatment oil is non-sticky and lightweight that makes it easy to apply and rinse off your hair. It also helps reduce premature baldness by improving the strength of your hair follicles. It works by preventing the fungus from growing that causes extreme growth of skin cells that eventually turn into dandruff.

Scalp Massage Oil

This oil uses a blend of oils to help moisturize, strengthen, and smooth the hair. Peppermint is a great ingredient for soothing the scalp, while argan and coconut oils provide nourishment. It can be used daily for a scalp massage or weekly as part of your regular hair care routine.

Recently, TikTok influencer Alix Earle posted a video recommending Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Oil to her millions of followers. The post quickly went viral, and some Black women voiced concerns that the continued marketing from white influencers may cause the oil to become more expensive or inaccessible. Some also fear that Mielle might change the formula to appeal to a larger audience, like Shea Moisture did when it was sold to Unilever. Monique Rodriguez says she and her husband, Melvin Rodriquez, are still running the business and relying on their core values of natural ingredients, innovative technology-driven products, and inspirational and educational content.