Lookah Benefits

Unlike smoking, lookah vaping significantly reduces the inhalation of harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. Moreover, it also prevents respiratory problems from developing over time.

Lookah Glass has been putting out some amazing glass bongs and dab rigs with their imaginative designs that feature intricate percolators and twisted recyclers. They’ve recently released another eye-catching portable vaporizer called the Unicorn.

1. No smoke or tar

Lookah is renowned for their imaginative glass water pipes and dab rigs, but they’ve also been making some of the most innovative vaporizers on the market. Their portable devices like the Seahorse Dab Pen and the Ice Cream dry herb vape pen use a quartz coil to preserve every flavorful drop of cannabis.

The atomizer in the Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen heats the cannabis oil at lower temperatures than smoking methods to avoid overheating and destroying its potency. The result is clean, smooth vapor with no secondhand smoke or harmful chemicals.

The new Seehorse dab rig has a more durable and porous quartz tip than previous versions, producing dense and intense vapor at any temperature setting. Its sleek and modern design will catch your eye, with a clear glass tube to showcase the vapor collected at the coil. The preheat/session mode will let you know when the vapor has reached your desired temperature. It is compatible with most 510 thread cartridges as well as the Lookah dab tips.

2. No secondhand smoke

Lookah Glass is known for their intricately designed glass water pipes, bongs and dab rigs. But now they’ve expanded their line of products to include innovative vaporizers like the Seahorse dab pen and Ice Cream dry herb vape pen. These new devices enable you to enjoy your cannabis concentrate at temperatures below combustion, preserving all of its potency and flavor.

Secondhand smoke (SHS) from traditional tobacco cigarettes and other forms of smoking can lead to serious health problems, such as lung cancer and heart disease. The vapor from a Lookah does not contain any SHS and is safe for anyone else to inhale, including children and pets. It also doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals in mainstream smoke, such as nicotine, hydrocyanic acid and acrolein.

3. Easy to use

Lookah has been killing it with its glass water pipes and bongs but they’re also known for making some impressive dab rigs. This portable vaporizer called the Unicorn is their latest offering that focuses on vaping wax and other concentrates. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and provides flavorful vapors at any of the available temperature settings.

It features a durable porous fritted quartz or dual ceramic coil that ensures a smooth and even hit. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and store. It can be used with 510 cartridges or an electronic nectar collector that eliminates the need for a dab tool.

The Unicorn is easy to clean and has a unique and eye-catching design that’s sure to draw compliments. It has a mouthpiece that attaches and detaches with ease and the quartz coil is housed in the base itself so it can be removed for cleaning. It also comes with a convenient reversible USB port for charging which is a big plus when it comes to portability.

4. Portable

Lookah has long been a leader in the glass water pipe, bong, and dab rig industry and they’re now bringing their expertise to the world of portable wax and oil vapes. Their latest device, the Unicorn is a sleek and powerful portable dab rig that bears a striking resemblance to the Puffco Peak Pro, but boasts several features that set it apart from its competition.

It uses a high-quality quartz coil to ensure that the vapor produced is pure and free of impurities. The Unicorn also has a convenient preheat and session mode to help you get the most out of your concentrates.

The Lookah Unicorn’s see-through quartz tip is also more durable and porous than its competitors, making it easier to clean. Its small size and sleek design make the Unicorn easy to carry anywhere. It’s also compatible with a wide variety of 510-thread oil cartridges to meet the needs of all users.