How Eero Benefits Your Home

There are many different reasons why a wireless home network like the Eero might make a good choice for your home. It can have a number of advantages, including speed boosts, greater intelligence, and the ability to integrate with other devices. However, there are also several disadvantages to having a smart home network, including the lack of a power switch and the need to frequently update the device.

Speed boosts

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new Wi-Fi system, Eero can be a good choice. These mesh routers offer great coverage and a solid signal, but they may not be as fast as other brands.

There are two main types of Eero systems: The eero Pro and the Eero 5. Each has three radios, two 2.4 GHz and one 5 GHz, and works on a tri-band network. You can place the units anywhere in your home, and they are very flexible in how they extend the signal. They don’t require protuberant cables, and they use a USB Type C port at the rear for power.

Eero’s latest incarnation, the eero Pro 6, has improved performance over the original. In a beta test, users reported a 40 percent speed boost. It’s not as powerful as other mesh systems, but it is capable of delivering gigabit speeds in the best of situations.

Greater intelligence in how your network adapts to your home

eero has been pushing out software updates like a hound dog at the dog park and they’re keeping the momentum going with a new version of their flagship wireless router. One of the more exciting improvements is a new wireless modem that supports the latest high-speed Internet standards. In addition to improving the fidelity of the service, a modem upgrade can save a bundle on your bill. Another big win for the company is its partnership with Amazon Alexa, which makes the company a prime candidate for a future roll out of the much-hyped virtual assistant.

eero is still a young company, but it has the wherewithal to keep up with the competition. One of its most impressive feats of recent years was assembling the largest consumer mesh network dataset ever compiled.

Regular automatic updates

If you own an Eero Wi-Fi device, it’s important to keep your network running at its best. With regular automatic updates, you can ensure that your system has the latest security and software features. These updates will also protect your devices from hackers and botnets.

The eero app is a great way to manage your devices and track your network’s health. It’s available for Android and iOS devices. You can run speed tests, create profiles and view all your connected devices.

While you can easily update your network manually, you should consider installing firmware updates as well. They can provide useful new features, such as support for Gigabit speeds, and can fix security issues. Getting your router updated regularly can help prevent data loss and future problems.

Lacks a power switch

The Eero (B010001) uses the Qualcomm QCA9886 SoC, has 512MB of RAM, and four GB of flash memory. It also has an integrated front-end module from Skyworks.

The Eero (B010001) also has three WiFi radios. The unit has a glossy white finish and a rectangular plastic case. Although it lacks a power switch, it comes with a 12V USB type-C power adapter.

Another notable feature is the eero’s signature LED indication-light. This light is quite a bit smaller than traditional routers. While it isn’t particularly a show stopper, it is a good way to check the status of your network.

In a pinch, the Eero (B010001)’s other notable feat is its ability to steer associated devices into the faster 5 GHz band. That might not be a feature to everyone’s taste, but it can be a boon for a wireless enthusiast who’s not particularly adept at tweaking settings.

Amazon Alexa skill

The Alexa skill that Amazon has developed for eero has taken the company’s portfolio to a whole new level. These Alexa skills allow eero customers to control their devices through voice commands.

With the Alexa skill, users can control their Eero Pro router with their voice. They can also pause or unpause the internet connection and control the LED lights.

This custom Alexa skill also allows users to turn the light off at bedtime. For instance, when you are cooking, you can tell Alexa to pause the Internet and then turn off the Eero Pro LED lights.

Using the eero app, you can manage your eero from a distance. You can view the signal strength of all the connected devices, and you can diagnose network outages. It will even show you how much data you are using.