Geeni Benefits

Local storage may seem archaic, but it offers peace of mind knowing your data isn’t living somewhere that you don’t have control over. Depending on your security preferences, you may want to consider this option for your Geeni camera.

After creating an account, follow the on-screen instructions to connect your WiFi camera to the app. Then, position your camera in a location that has a clear view of the area you wish to monitor.

Easy-to-use app

Geeni is an easy-to-use app that helps you connect, control, and manage your smart home devices. The app also allows you to set schedules for your appliances. Moreover, it has a robust sharing feature that lets you share your device’s settings with other users.

The Geeni app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Once downloaded, it will automatically synchronize your Geeni devices with your account. It will ask you to provide a phone number or email address to verify your account. After that, you will be able to access your Geeni device settings and control them remotely.

If you experience trouble viewing recorded videos in the Geeni app, first make sure that your WiFi connection is stable. You should also check that your device has enough storage space. If it does, try deleting memes or clearing the cache. This should help you resolve the problem. Alternatively, you can contact Merkury Innovations, LLC, if the issue persists.

Energy-saving features

Geeni offers smart plugs that can control devices and track how much energy they use. They also feature a simple scheduling system and a countdown timer. They work over Wi-Fi and integrate with the app as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The cheapest Geeni smart plug is the Energi, which costs around $60.

Geeni cameras have the option to utilize cloud storage, which provides several benefits, including increased storage capacity, secure backup, easy access from anywhere, and multi-device compatibility. Additionally, utilizing cloud storage will help ensure that your footage is not lost if your camera is stolen or damaged.

With the Geeni app, you can manage and schedule your devices to turn on and off at any time you like. You can also create rooms and scenes to adjust settings for different occasions, such as parties, sleeping, and waking up. This will save you time and money on your energy bill. You can also use the Geeni app to identify leaks in your home, which will reduce water waste and lower your monthly bills.

Easy-to-install hardware

Geeni offers a range of smart home products, including security cameras, lights, and plugs. Many of their devices don’t require a hub or subscription to work, making them a good choice for those who want to save money on their smart home setup.

All Geeni cameras offer a number of core features, including motion detection and live streaming. They also come with night vision, which uses infrared technology to illuminate dark areas. This feature is especially useful if you’re worried about intruders breaking into your house.

Geeni cameras store recorded videos locally on their internal storage. The amount of storage capacity varies by camera model, but is typically sufficient for short-term video recordings. Older recordings are overwritten as needed to make room for new footage. However, Geeni also offers cloud storage options that can provide additional benefits, such as more extensive storage space and easier access to recorded videos. Using cloud storage can also give you peace of mind in the event that your camera is lost or stolen.

Enhanced security

Geeni cameras store videos locally in their internal storage, and older video footage is automatically overwritten. This way, your recordings are safe in case your camera is stolen or damaged. However, Geeni also offers cloud backup for a fee, which provides a number of benefits, including enhanced security and multi-device compatibility.

Geeni also has a few models that offer color night vision. These cameras use built-in smart lights to illuminate the area, which can make your home less of a target for crime. Additionally, they allow you to communicate with people in the vicinity through a two-way speaker during livestreams and recorded videos.

Geeni is a competitive brand in the affordable security camera market. While it doesn’t offer high-tech features like ultra-HD resolution or off-site storage options, it does provide a wide selection of equipment that can meet most needs without breaking the bank. Additionally, it doesn’t require a subscription to record videos, which makes it easier for homeowners to manage their surveillance systems.