Bower Collective Benefits

Bower Collective offers eco friendly cleaning, laundry and personal care products delivered in reusable bottles. They are plastic-free or arrive in refill packaging which can be returned for free in pre-paid envelopes.

They have raised 2.1m in seed stage funding from Oxford Capital and Doehler Ventures and graduated from the Founders factory accelerator programme supported by Reckitt. They are a multi award-winning B Corp on a mission to eliminate plastic waste.

Refillable packaging

Bower Collective offers a range of sustainable home and personal care products in refill packages that can be returned in pre-paid envelopes. This D2C company has developed a closed-loop, plastic waste-free system that saves money and reduces packaging.

The firm’s refills are shipped in plastic-free glass or reusable metal bottle containers, and can be sent back to the firm for refilling or recycled. They are labelled with on-pack QR codes for provenance information and directions to foster consumer engagement, while logistical and product performance data is collected on the filling line and as the pouches are returned for refill.

Other beauty brands are also taking the plunge into a more sustainable future, including eco-friendly natural cleaning products from Common Good and refill sachets for its 5g foundation jars. Eco Minerals (AU) natural mineral makeup and skincare, Spruce natural deodorant and Georganics natural dental floss are available in returnable glass bottles and jars, and a selection of refills is also offered by Zero Co.

Zero waste

Bower Collective is a sustainable home and personal care brand that sells plastic-free, reusable products. Inspired by the bowerbird, which recycles brightly coloured plastic scraps into its nest, the company’s process is centred on reusing, refilling, and recycling. The company’s products are made from sustainable materials and are sourced from a network of small, eco-friendly UK boutiques. They are also B Corp certified.

Investing in reusable items can also save money. The more waste you cut out of your life, the more you’ll be able to save for other things, such as trips and adventures.

Other zero-waste practices include shopping secondhand, buying food in bulk, and using reusable cleaning tools. The company also supports small businesses and local economies by offering a platform for them to reach customers directly. Its investors include Oxford Capital Group, Dharmash Mistry, and Doehler Ventures. The company is headquartered in Somerset, England. Its products include plant-based ready-meals and cleaning products.

Inspires others

Bower Collective is the leading digital-first sustainable consumer goods business. Their subscription model offers customers a range of natural, cruelty-free cleaning products delivered in refill packages. These are returned using pre-paid envelopes to be refilled and recycled, making for a truly closed loop, plastic waste free supply chain.

They are committed to tackling the world’s biggest problem: plastic waste. Their innovative reuse and refill system has saved countless tonnes of disposable plastic from ending up in landfill or the natural environment. They are a B Corp, part of a global community of businesses reinventing business to pursue purpose as well as profit.

For every product sold, they donate to protect a square metre of endangered sea grass through Cool Earth, and are on track to becoming carbon positive. They are passionate about inspiring others to reduce their impact on the planet. Their work has been recognised with a number of sustainability awards and extensive media coverage, including the Evening Standard.

Made with love

Bower Collective is a UK-based boutique selling a range of eco-friendly products. They sell everything from natural laundry detergents to waste free refills. They also offer subscriptions for their products. The company’s products are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. They also donate a portion of their profits to charity.

They have raised PS2.1 million in funding from investors including Oxford Capital Group, Dharmash Mistry and Doehler Ventures. They are a BCorp certified company and a graduate of the Founders Factory accelerator programme.

Founded in 2019 and inspired by the Bowerbird who recycles brightly coloured plastic scraps to decorate its nest, they are on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic. The team is passionate about creating a clean, healthy, and positive world through the power of business. Their products are designed to be both effective and beautiful, using only the highest quality ingredients and packaging. Their products are available online and delivered in reusable bottles with pre-paid envelopes to return them.