Month: October 2023

Mielle Benefits From P&G

Created by entrepreneur Monique Rodriguez in 2014, Mielle is a go-to for Black women’s textured hair. It recently announced that it’s joining P&G Beauty, a move that co-founder and CEO Rodriguez views as an opportunity to scale her nonprofit, Mielle Cares. But while the news was exciting, it also sparked controversy. Its latest drama centers

Cliganic Benefits

Cliganic offers a range of natural skincare products, from cleansers to serums. Their products are certified organic, free of additives and artificial ingredients, and they use premium dark glass bottles to protect the oils from UV rays. This organic jojoba oil has 11,200+ five-star Amazon reviews and it’s currently on sale for just $10! It

Leaselock Benefits For Apartment Communities

Nobody likes security deposits: They’re expensive upfront and a pain to get back when tenants move out. Enter LA-based LeaseLock, which replaces deposits with lease insurance. The company’s risk assessment system analyzes applicants’ full financial profiles and many indicators beyond credit scores to predict rent-payment defaults and damage losses. Property management companies enrolling residents pay

Cetaphil Benefits For Dry Skin

Cetaphil moisturizer is formulated to nourish and soothe dry skin. It contains dermatologist backed ingredients like niacinamide and panthenol to reduce inflammation and glycerin to maintain epidermal barrier function. The cleanser is a favorite among consumers and experts alike. It removes excess oil, dirt and other impurities while balancing your skin’s pH. Hydration Keeping skin

How Microacquire Benefits Startups

Unlike most brokers, Microacquire doesn’t take a percentage of the final sale as their brokerage fee. This leaves more money in the hands of both the seller and purchaser. Premium buyers get first access to new listings, allowing them to negotiate with sellers directly before the listing goes public. This allows them to determine the